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Stargus (Acquired by C-COR)

Founded in June 2000 by several of the key architects of the DOCSIS standards, Stargus is focused on helping cable operators improve their capital efficiency, reduce operating costs, drive revenue growth, and improve customer satisfaction with its CableEdge family of software products. CableEdge is the first intelligent network management and planning software designed exclusively for DOCSIS infrastructure and advanced IP services. The Stargus CableEdge platform supported DOCSIS networks across the US and Europe, monitoring and managing millions of Internet and phone subscribers.


Emperative (Aquired by AT&T)

Provider of on-demand multi-vendor network and service provisioning products for access and optical, DSL, cable, and wireless networks. The company's products include ProvEn Optical that delivers end-to-end circuits and services over multi-vendor access, core, and long-haul networks, as well as supports SONET, dense wavelength-division multiplexing, Ethernet, and IP; ProvEn Cable for end-to-end self-provisioning and auto-provisioning of cable modem services; ProvEn CMX with integrated dynamic host control protocol capability for cable-centric IP address management; ProvEn DSL, which lets end-users self-provision broadband services and allocate bandwidth on demand in DSL environments; and ProvEn Wireless that delivers integrated provisioning within wireless environments with self-provisioning and bandwidth on demand.