Organizational Leadership in Education


The Woodward School was founded in 1869 by Dr. Ebenezer to establish a school for girls in preparation for higher education. Woodward continues to operate on Hancock Street in Quincy in the original, historic, wooden school building that welcomed the first class of seven teachers and seventy-six students, on April 10, 1894. Serving as Head of School from 2016 - 2018, it was an honor to be a part an amazing team that lead the school towards an amazing trajectory and into the most complex transformational investment since its opening in 1894.

According to the terms of Dr. Ebenezer Woodward’s will written in 1869, “within 25 years of [his] death,” the City of Quincy (the School’s original Trustee) would have to construct a schoolhouse paid for with the proceeds of his and his wife, Mary Greenleaf's real estate. Just months shy of this 25-year condition, The Woodward School opened in a “temporary schoolhouse” with a promise from the Trustee to build a more permanent structure at a later time. The school has remained in the “temporary schoolhouse” and the more permanent structure was never built. In the 124 years since, despite the heroic efforts of many to repair, patch, and renovate all parts of the original schoolhouse, many challenges remain in running the facility in a manner that ensures comfort and efficient use of resources.

The driving motivation for the historic renovation and new construction is to ensure that Woodward students are provided with an optimal learning environment. The new schoolhouse will be equipped with cutting edge learning technologies. This effort will maintain Woodward's historic charm and appearance while modernizing the space to optimize our students’ learning needs, and the new facility will provide far more comfort for students to learn and grow. 

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